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EMETA Encoders AB was founded in 1992 by Ulf Hedlund. Mr. Hedlund is together with his family our major shareholder. With more than 20 years of experience we have established ourselves as a manufacturer of robust & sturdy rotary encoders. Both incremental encoders for velocity measurement or motion control applications, and absolute encoders primarily used for positioning applications.

Our flexibility and ability to tailormake and develop encoders solutions for OEM applications is our major strenght. All manufacturing is conducted in our modern manufacturing plant situated in Strängnäs, Sweden. At present are we 12 people employed at EMETA. During 2018 our revenue exceeded 20 MSEK, whereas 40% was exported outside Scandinavia.
Most of our products are sold to global leading OEM-customers and machine builders active in various industrial fields. A common denominator among our customers is their need for robust, reliable and products with a long useable life.

EMETA Encoders AB credit worthiness is recognized as AAA by Soliditet and also a partner of D&B.

Emetas magnetic encoders are available in diffrent sizes. From miniature sizes with an outer diameter of 22mm up to 58mm. The magnet technique can be applied to desired housings and encoder size. Below you will find our Magnetic Incremental Encoders. For more information please contact us at Emeta!