Mini type wind temperature Air speed Anemometer AVM-713
Digital Anemometer AVM-702
Anemometer Air velocity meter AVM-712
Dual Input Differential Manometer PM-730
Hot wire Anemometer AVM 714
Dual Input Differential Manometer   PM-731
Anemometer Air velocity meter AVM-712 
Process Calibrator 4-20mA (CL 325)
  CL 325
Sound Level Calibrator   DSL-336A 
Process Calibrator CL-420
Process Calibrator 4-20mA (CL-420A)
AcDc200A current Clamp Meter DCM-039
Fork clamp meter DCM-020
AC/DC Current Transmitter DCM-043
AC / DC mA Current Clamp transmitter CA-60
AC/DC Current Transducer/ transmitter CA-600/ CA-1000D
Digital Clampmeters DCM-2065,/DCM-2608
AC / DC mA Current Clamp CA-60
Digital single channel thermo data logger  DTM-317
Voltage Data Recorder and Logger VR-71
A single output multirange programmable switching DC Power Supply PSW 30-36 _80-13.5 _160-7.2_ 250-4.5 _800-1.44
Linear D.C. Power Supplies TPT-3025
Linear D.C. Power Supplies GPC-3030DQ
Linear DC Power Supply GPS-2303/3303/4251/4303

Laboratory DC Power Supply
GPS-3030D/ GPS-3030DD
GPIB Programmable DC Linear Power Supply PPS 3520
Digital Earth Resistance Tester ERT 580 Earth Resistance Tester
Megohm / Insulation tester DIM 570
Earth Resistance Tester ERT 580 Earth Resistance Tester
high voltage proximity tester HVP-275 Features
Digital Insulation Tester DIM-571
Analog High Voltage Test Probe test meter HVP-40M
Phase Sequence Indicator PHS-863
Digital Multifunction and Insulation Continuity-Voltage tester  DIM-572 
Megohm/Insulation Meter DIM 570 
EMF Field Tester Gauss meter  ED-25G
EMF detector emf tester gauss meter EMF 701
EMF Field Tester EMF 701
EMF Tester (Gauss Meter) EMF-701A
Handheld-Infrared Thermometer DIT-300B
Non Contact Infrared Thermometers DIT-510, DIT-512
Digital SMD capacitors CR-621
Precision LCR Tester LCR 819
20000 Counts handheld LCR Meter LCR-612
  DLM 536
  DLM 530
  DLM 531
  DLM 536
Digital multimeter with temperature DMM-134
Palm autoranging Digital Multimeter DMM 135A
Digital Multimeter DMM-8020A
Process Calibrator CL-327A
Multimeter - Digital Multimeter DMM-139
Analog Multimeter AMM 110
Low Cost Multimeter DMM-120/ DMM - 123
Infrared Temperature Data Logger T&D TR-55i-Pt 
Thermoocuple Temperature Data Logger TR-75nw)
Temperature / Humidity Transducer TRH-300, 301, 302
Temperature and Humidity Transmitter TRH-301. 302 303
Temperature Humidity meter LED Monitor with Data logger TRH-3308A