Nhà phân phối Agrichema Vietnam

Our extensive product range offers individual solutions for all areas of the bulk goods industry:


A clean, systematic solution

Loading sets are used so that bulk goods can be loaded loosely in silo vehicles, containers and ships without polluting the environment.


With the MODUFLEX product range, the right solution can be offered for every application. Special solutions are also possible here - depending on customer requirements.

A regulated matter with a system

Bulky goods must be shut off, distributed and dosed in procedural processes.


The following are used for this:

  • Gate valve
  • Rotary valves
  • Route distributor

AGRICHEMA has a wide range of products.

A well-rounded thing with a system

ROTOSTAR ® circulating screws from AGRICHEMA reliably empty bunker systems with a flat bottom and central outlet.


The ROTOSTAR ® circulating screw works in a circular motion and thus reliably discharges the entire cross-section of the bunker.



A loose thing with a system

The VIBOSTAR ® vibrating hopper from AGRICHEMA is suspended in the discharge area from silos with special suspensions.

An elastic cuff ensures the dust-tight connection.

Unbalance motors cause the system to vibrate.

The deflector transfers the vibrations into the material column and the loosened bulk material flows off through the discharge funnel.

A targeted thing with a system


With the SHOCK-BLOWER ® system, material caking is reliably removed and bulk goods are kept flowing.


The AGRICHEMA SHOCK-BLOWER ® system enables individual solutions for all areas of the bulk goods industry.

Caking of bulk goods has been successfully eliminated with the SHOCK-BLOWER ® air blast system for over 35 years .